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Clodes Mental Health Specialist Solicitors serving Wales & West of England.

We have been dealing with Mental Health Law issues for the last 25 years. If you need to speak to a Mental Health Specialist Solicitor Call us today to discuss your case on 02920 76 50 50.

Whether for yourself or for a loved one, our team can provide the necessary advice and assistance in all areas of mental health law, whether it be representing those detention under the Mental Health Act at Mental Health Review Tribunals (Wales) and First Tier Tribunals (in England) or advising on community related treatment issues, or criminal law related issues.

We understand how stressful and upsetting being detained can be and how important it is that your views concerning your detention and treatment are heard by the Tribunal.

Clodes can provide:

  • Representation for patients detained under the Mental Health Act at Mental Health Review Tribunals (Wales) and First Tier Tribunals (in England)
  • Representation at Hospital Manager’s Hearings
  • Advice on your rights in and out of hospital
  • Advice on all types of sections, including civil detention, criminal detention, and those who are conditionally discharged
  • Advice for Nearest relatives
  • Advice and assistance at Care Programme Approach (CPA) Meetings
  • Advice on reviews or appeals of decisions made by the Mental Health Tribunal

Our Mental Health Team

A Law Society Mental Health Panel Member will deal with your case and thus you can be assured a specialist Solicitor will be handling your matter.

  • Michael Clode- Michael has extensive experience in Mental Health Law with over 25 years experience in representing clients at tribunals in both England and Wales.
  • Gabrielle Greathead – Gabrielle joined Clodes in 2015 and qualified as a Solicitor in May 2020. Gabrielle is a Law Society Accredited Mental Health Panel Member.


Don’t let your concerns about costs stop you from obtaining professional help. Anyone detained under the Mental Health Act is entitled to free Legal Aid from a mental health solicitor. Relatives of those detained may also be eligible for help so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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