Civil Partnerships

Mary Minton has considerable experience in dealing with the dissolution of civil partnerships and can offer full representation or simply advise on the legal procedures, the completion of documentation and appropriate financial settlements.

Civil partnership dissolution is very similar to divorce. As with a marriage the civil partnership must have lasted at least one year before you can apply for a dissolution.

The documentation lodged at Court must establish that the civil partnership has ‘irretrievably’ broken down and this is established by using one of the following facts:

  • your partner has behaved unreasonably
  • you and your partner have been separated for two years, and that he or she will consent to the dissolution
  • you and your partner have lived apart for at least five years. It is not then necessary for your partner to agree to the dissolution
  • your partner deserted you at least two years ago.

Unlike divorce proceedings it is not possible to base the dissolution of a Civil Partnership on your partner’s adultery and if this was the reason for the breakdown of your relationship the petition would have to be based on unreasonable behaviour.

If it is less than 12 months since the date of the Civil Partnership, or you do not wish to bring the Civil Partnership to an end it is possible to obtain a separation order and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Separating civil partners have the same financial legal remedies as divorcing couples including the right to claim maintenance, lump sum payments, property transfer and pension sharing/attachment orders. Often sorting the financial dispute out is the most difficult part of the process. We can advise fully on these aspects for you and always aim to negotiate an appropriate settlement for you without the need for lengthy and expensive court proceedings if at all possible.

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