£2,000 SRA fine for first breach of Referral Fee Ban

Date Posted: 05 December 2015

Sole practitioner of Wolf Law Solicitors, admitted to paying £47,000 for 38 personal injury cases through an arrangement with a third party, Karl Fischer Limited (KFL).

Court of Appeal Ruling Concerning Unbundled Solicitors Services

Date Posted: 05 December 2015

Court of Appeal rules that solicitors may offer ‘unbundled’ services without being held liable for matters beyond those in their client retainer.

Michael Gove scraps Criminal Courts charge

Date Posted: 03 December 2015

The government finally sees sense and dumps the ludicrous Courts Charge that has led to some people pleading guilty for minor offences rather than face potential dissproportionate Court Costs.

George Osbourne to Ban General Damages for Soft Tissue Injuries

Date Posted: 02 December 2015

Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans to ban general damages for soft-tissue injuries and increase the small claims limit for personal injury cases to £5,000.

Public Support for Will Writing Regulation

Date Posted: 02 November 2015

Over half of the public think will-writing should be regulated according to YouGov research for the Law Society has shown

Residence Nil Rate Band Proposals contained in Clause 9 of the Finance Bill

Date Posted: 01 September 2015

Clause 9 of the Finance Bill contains proposed amendments to the IHTA 1984 to introduce the “residence nil rate amount”. However, it is possible that there will be substantial alteration to this legislation as it passes through parliament

Clodes Sponsor Cardiff Metropolitan University FC

Date Posted: 31 August 2015

Clodes Sponsor Cardiff Met

Disinherited Daughter is awarded by £163k from her mothers Estate

Date Posted: 30 July 2015

Mrs Llott made a Inheritance Act 1975 claim for reasonable financial provision against her mothers estate after her mother left her £486,000 estate to animal charities when she died in 2004.

Parents giving up on the Courts due to lack of access to legal representation

Date Posted: 22 July 2015

Sadly parents who do not reside with their children are simply giving up on the Courts due to lack of access to legal representation and the inability to bring their cases to Court.

Gove announces a fifth of Courts to Close

Date Posted: 22 July 2015

Lord chancellor Michael Gove has announced his reform programme that include the closure of over a fifth of magistrates’ courts.