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High Court upholds Suspension of Barrister for conducting litigation & wrongly holding client monies

Date Posted: 29 December 2015
The High Court has upheld a Bar Disciplinary Tribunal 3 month suspension of a Barrister for wrongly telling a solicitor in an email that he was entitled to hold £400,000 of client money.
A Barrister, who formerly practised at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square, told the court that the email was sent in the ‘heat of the moment’ and that the implications of the suspension would be ‘catastrophic’.

The Barrister was suspended for emailing a solicitor stating that, in respect to handling £400,000 of client money, he was entitled to conduct litigation with ‘all the same freedoms that a solicitor is able to operate within’.

The Bar Disciplinary Tribunal said that he was not entitled to conduct litigation, and was not entitled to receive, control or handle clients’ money.