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Estate Administration Serving Cardiff, Newport, South & Mid Wales, Bristol and London

When someone passes it can be difficult to deal with the persons Financial and Property affairs and is often the last thing a grieving relative wishes to deal with. Here at Clodes Solicitors we can provide all the Probate and Administration assistance you may require. 

Clodes Solicitors can deal with all aspects of the estate from obtaining the estates value (after corresponding with financial institutions & Creditors) and completing the relevant Inheritance Tax Return to Obtaining the Grant of Representation for the Executor named in the deceased’s Will or for the Administrator. Once the Grant of Representation has been obtained from the Probate Registry we can call in the deceased's assets and distribute them according to the Will or the Rules of Intestacy where the deceased had no valid Will.

A Grant of Representation is essential in most cases. It is also know as a Grant of Probate and is a legal document which confirms the authority of the executor or Administrator to administer the estate.

We are often are instructed to deal with a person’s estate from completing all the necessary documentation to enable an application for the Grant of Representation to administering the estate. However we can act in a more limited role such obtaining the Grant and handing it to the executor to administer the estates as per the terms of the Will or we can answer individual queries and provide advice in respect matters such as, executors duties, Inheritance Tax or Contentious Probate matters such as claims against the estate Under the Family Dependants Act.   

Estate Administration

Where an estate’s capital amounts to less than £5000 and does not consist of land a Grant of Representation is not normally necessary due to the Small Estate Exemption.  This is also the case if there are a number of accounts under £5000 in each account and the estate’s total capital is under £15,000. To collect in estate assets in these circumstances a covering letter with a Death Certificate should be all that is required to request the Capital from the financial Institution. When dealing with small estate liabilities must be settled in the prescribed manor and the terms of the Will or Rules of Intestacy must be adhered to. Call Clodes Solicitors to discuss any queries you have.

Estate Administration where a Grant is required

Where the Deceased held capital above £15,000 or above £5000 in a particular account and/or Land in their own name a Grant of Representation should be obtained from the Court. The Grant of Representation can only be applied for once the estates value has been calculated after all assets and liabilities have been ascertained. Once the estates value has been ascertained an Inheritance Tax Return must be completed and then an Oath must be sworn by the Executor or Administrator. Once those steps have been completed an application for a Grant may be made.

We are able to offer extremely competitive fixed fees to obtain Grant s of Representation or to completely administer estates.  

We can guide you through any part or the whole administration process including the Assent or conveyance of any Land. We will take the stress away and ensure the estate is administered promptly and in cost effective way.

Please call us and ask for Damian Clode if you would like an initial free consultation to discuss any Probate matter.