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You and Your Grandchildren

One of the most distressing results of the breakdown of a family is the disruption caused to the relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents, often at a time when regular contact with the extended family can offer greatly needed stability to a vulnerable child.

Mary Minton has substantial experience in representing grandparents in these very difficult circumstances.

We would always advise that every effort is made to find a way to resolve the issues without going to Court by using direct negotiation or mediation but sometimes Court is the only way forward and it is often essential to have an experienced solicitor handling the case on your behalf.  Grandparents do not have any automatic rights over their grandchildren but it is possible to apply for an order from the Court seeking leave to commence proceedings leading to contact. 

Of course many grandparents play a far greater role in their grandchildren’s lives providing a home and often becoming the primary carer. In this situation it is important to obtain a Court order formalising the situation and providing security for both child and grandparent.

Mary would be happy to discuss matters with you and explain what can be done to help you in the circumstances in which you find yourself.

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